Everyone is Not Attractive

by Ronnie Dobbs

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We were on our third drummer, and had decided to move to Chicago. Everyone lost their job just before tour. We had been playing these songs for over a year, and we were still waiting for the tracks. They weren't going to be ready in time for tour. The van was bought, and Edhochuli was kind enough to let us come along. Every night was amazing with those guys. Their magic rubbed off on us and kept everything running. It was one of the best times, it was one of the worst times, and I definitely didn't steal that line.


released March 24, 2013

On this recording, Ronnie Dobbs features

Jacob Campbell - Gutiar/Vox
Molly Spear - Keyboards/Vox
Christopher Stotish - Bass/Group Vox
Kyle Washkau - Drums/Group Vox

Written by Ronnie Dobbs
Recorded and produced by Christopher Stotish and Kyle Washkau
Mixed and Mastered by T. Duffield Productions
Album layout and design by Aetoric Design
Photos by Jacob Campbell (cover) and Molly Spear (inside)

Thanks to our respective families for their love and support, Edhochuli, CBend, A Life of Arctic Sounds, Unraveler, Relationships, George Costanza, The Please and Thank Yous, and Travis Duffield.



all rights reserved


Ronnie Dobbs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Uggo Batman Val-Kill-Me
Our lives are locked up in vices made of self doubt
We struggle so hard to find out what that's all about
As for myself I think it might be lack of clout
In a scene I've been a part of years

But when I think of all the false starts
It weighs so heavy on my heart
Where are these barriers that I need to tear apart?
I'll break them down

I'll break them fucking down
Brick by brick
Piece by piece

I will not be so obsessed
With all my failures
To really be appreciative of anything

That I've ever done
That was any good
You know me by now
You know I won't back down

This is nothing that I've never been through before

No, you know me all too well
No, I won't let them drag me to hell

No, I won't

No, I won't ever back down
No, I won't be their machine
Track Name: Zach Bukowski's Spirit Animal is Neil Peart
This isn't right
You never had a chance after you got well
But I guess it makes sense
Some people's lives will always be hell

You left at night
Thought I'd never see you again
God damn it
Why are you my best friend?

This isn't how you get what you want in the end.

You saw the country again
What you thought might be your last time
And now they seem so far away
All of your problems

Please don't go

I cleaned up your room
As they prepared a tomb
For all your memories
I can't forget your mother's face when she asked me

"Did you really do
Everything that you
Could do to prevent his leaving?"
I wish that I had, so I could spare us all the grieving

So I'll take all the blame
I'll take on the shame from this
So reverse of how it started
I can't believe you went and left us brokenhearted again

Oh wait, but I can

And you came back
With scars written on your arms
And I hope
That the cost of these lies, will finally set off an alarm

In your head
You almost wound up dead
And now it seems so far away
The cost you'll have to pay

Please, don't ever go again
Track Name: Bong Iver
Give it up
Give it blood
Give it dirt
Turned to mud

You know
Just when to cut me off
And break my heart

Make it new
Turn it out
Give them a song
For them to shout

But then you're dead

Deep in the ocean
You wanted to see all the land
What do you think of it now?

"I like it in a way,"
She might say
Scaling upward for days

Upon day
Weeks upon weeks
Up to the highest peaks
What do you think of it now?

"I like it in a way,"
She might say
Scaling upward for days

In a daze
It's a phase
A new found craze
And it's entirely consuming


We were overloaded
We were overblown
We should have thought this over
But we've always known it'd end

Like this
You need not be remiss
No, not now
Track Name: Lights by Single Wing Turquoise Bird
After I found myself fully satisfied
We watched all of this collapse
Falling down, down, down, down
Like hail in the summer
Yeah, man, it's a real fucking bummer

But when you lose the beat
And the heat
Takes you far
From the fire that started it all

Remember, there's you
Lift your voice
From it's muttering, stuttering discontent

And please realize
You can be your own voice out there in air

To rise
To fall
To twist and turn and...