Drugs Make You Feel Not Good Sometimes

by Ronnie Dobbs

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This is one song that we didn't record on the EP that we did play on that one tour we went on, as well as a redone version of a song that was on the EP.


released April 1, 2014

Jacob Campbell - Guitar/Vox
Molly Spear - Keys
Dan Hagendorf - Bass
Erik Pitluga - Drums

Recorded by Erik Pitluga
Mixed by Erik Pitluga and Jacob Campbell
Mastered by Jacob Campbell



all rights reserved


Ronnie Dobbs Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Wet Pedal Stompin' Camo Boots
It's too goddamn late to repeat all the fucking bullshit
That you said to me that was just too obscene for public
But not that you're dead, I think it's safe to say
I think I'll be okay

Yes, I will

I'm not really sure if he ever loved me
Maybe the feeling of pride that came when he cut my umbilical cord
Just like he hoped that the others soon would be

But I knew his day would come
And someday mine will, too
Fuck you

I know I'm aware of who I am and where I've been
And that everyone can change

My ankles twist (just like yours)
And my legs are numb (just like yours)
And my anger pours

Did he love me?
No, he fucking didn't

I know I'm aware of who I am and where I've been
And that nobody wants to change

No, they don't
They never will

Did he love me?

But when I think about it
It doesn't really matter
Nobody ever cared
Nobody ever will
Track Name: Zach Bukowski's Spirit Animal is Neil Peart
This isn't right
You never had a chance after you got well
But I guess it makes sense
Some people's lives will always be hell

You left at night
Thought I'd never see you again
God damn it
Why are you my best friend?

This isn't how you get what you want in the end.

You saw the country again
What you thought might be your last time
And now they seem so far away
All of your problems

Please don't go

I cleaned up your room
As they prepared a tomb
For all your memories
I can't forget your mother's face when she asked me

"Did you really do
Everything that you
Could do to prevent his leaving?"
I wish that I had, so I could spare us all the grieving

So I'll take all the blame
I'll take on the shame from this
So reverse of how it started
I can't believe you went and left us brokenhearted again

Oh wait, but I can

And you came back
With scars written on your arms
And I hope
That the cost of these lies, will finally set off an alarm

In your head
You almost wound up dead
And now it seems so far away
The cost you'll have to pay

Please, don't ever go again